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201–220; and (2) “The Suarezian Proof for God’s Existence,” in History of Philosophy in the Making: A Symposium of Essays to Honor Professor James D. Collins on his 65th Birthday, ed. Linus J. Thro, Washington: University Press of America, 1982, pp. 105–17. On the earlier question here, see Albert Zimmermann, Ontologie oder Metaphysik? Die Diskussion über den Gegenstand der Metaphysik im 13. und 14. J. Brill, 1965. 57 Disputation 30 (vol. 26, pp. 60–224), which is the longest of all the Metaphysical Disputations, comprises seventeen Sections dealing with the essence and attributes of God inasmuch as they can be known by human reason.

14 That is to say a contemplation aided by or based upon Christian Faith. 15 Cf. DM 9, s. 3, vol. 25, pp. ” 16 Cf. DM 1, 6, nn. 27–29, vol. 25, pp. 60–62. 17 Cf. DM 3, 3, nn. 1–5, vol. 25, pp. 111–112. 18 That is substances separate from matter, such as the Aristotelian Separate Substances responsible for the movements of the heavens, or the angels in later theology. 19 Cf. DM 35, s. 2, pp. ” 20 See DM 1, 5, nn. 3–5, vol. 25, pp. 37–8. Metaphysics Book II 21 49 Cf. DM 44, vol. 26, pp. ” Cf. 993b24–5.

Nn. 28–33, pp. 34–6. 41 Cf. 982b11–13. For the same thought, cf. Plato, Theatetus 155D. 13 Metaphysics Book I 42 35 Cf. 982b17– 18. 43 Cf. Suárez, Commentaria ac disputationes in tertiam partem D. Thomae, scilicet, opus de Incarnatione, III, q. 15, a. 8, in Opera, vol. 18, pp. 213–214. 982b21– 32. 45 Cf. 982b30. 46 Cf. In 12 libros Metaphys. I, c. 2, lect. 3, Cathala nos. 61–3. 47 On this supposed, but really non-existent, translation by Boethius, cf. Gudrun Vuillemin-Diem, Praefatio Wilhelm von Moerbekes Übersetzung der Aristotelischen Metaphysik, in Metaphysica, Lib.

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