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You'll see at this point the dam is almost nonexistent, and you'll have to resort to new tricks. You can 'hop' onto a log immediately above or below. It is difficult at first, but not impossible. Remember, you don't move with the log; you are just using it as a piece of dam. If you are very careful, you can even move right and left using the logs. The end of the game is the hardest part, and it is the main reason for getting as high a score as you can before the dam is destroyed. Scoring is simple.

R`-è- L – 1000 P: LET t_! 3 _ DIM 0$(7,13) 5=040 RESTORE E:000: FOR Z =P TO 7: R EA D O$(Z) , A$: LET O (Z) =VAL A$: NEXT Z 8050 DAT A "KNIFE" '. : •'WALLET,. ^" "BLObJTCiRC-H .. , `. l^,E'r. CA SE OF MONEY",. `5.. INK5ï "TI-iE - ' T RB ;–:TT`r:,, ;OF-,0 PRINT , ' .. s'-=t WRITTEN RodI,. ' ' .. T .. 1U SURE? " THEN GO TC] 900 ^-^ 2 0 GO TO C g 000 INPUT "DO YOUU àN RNT TO PLR`:' R'-RIN? `(/N" LINE Çfi$: IF R$=THEN GO TO sLeo 9010 IF R$ (F 's ="i•d" THEN STOP 9020 RUN 900 Doors of Doom f This is a masterpiece program by Malcolm Young which will well reward the time it will take you to type the whole thing in.

GO TO C 2910 IF 8$< ; "LUF=-iRD" THEN PRINT '" I REFUSE ON MORAL GROUNDS. ": GCS TO C 2 940 PRINT "OK . " . " ' LINE B$: GO TO 3000 3 010 IF 8$<> Vz= U L T DOOR_– THEN PR ï• .. ' =N T '' I CAN'T C-0 THAT": GO T O C 3020 IF LOC-` -":: THEN PRINT ,. ": GO TO. ) THEN PRINT "I HAVE NOTHING TO CUT IT WITH. ° iiT 40 PRINT-0K.. – : Tn C– ä3 74 LET VC=P: GO 3100 IF LOC < : :'1 THEN PRINT "THEP C-^ w ^' ^, NOTHING HEREE T;? W .. :M8Et=< _ . " . GO ^. `. 3130 LET =Or:L r- . • EAC:=. == R INT " –"II HR-fttE FOUND THE CONTA CT, AND HA VE SUCCESSFULLY COMP L E T E D MY MISSION.

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