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By Francis Grose

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A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, college Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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CAT. A common prostitute. An old cat; a cross old woman. CAT−HEADS. A Woman's breasts. SEA PHRASE. TO CAT, or SHOOT THE CAT. To vomit from drunkenness. CAT AND BAGPIPEAN SOCIETY. A society which met at their office in the great western road: in their summons, published in the daily papers, it was added, that the kittens might come with the old cats without being scratched. C 43 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue CAT CALL. A kind of whistle, chiefly used at theatres, to interrupt the actors, and damn a new piece.

CONVENIENT. A mistress. CANT. CONVENIENCY. A necessary. A leathern conveniency, a coach. COOPED UP. Imprisoned, confined like a fowl in a coop. COQUET. A jilt. CORINTH. A bawdy−house. CANT. CORINTHIANS: Frequenters of brothels. Also an impudent, brazen−faced fellow, perhaps from the Corinthian brass. CORK−BRAINED. Light−headed, foolish. CORNED. Drunk. CORNISH HUG. A particular lock in wrestling, peculiar to the people of that county. CORNY−FACED. A very red pimpled face. CORPORAL. To mount a corporal and four; to be guilty of onanism: the thumb is the corporal, the four fingers the privates.

BOUGHS. He is up in the boughs; he is in a passion. TO BOUNCE. To brag or hector; also to tell an improbable story. To bully a man out of any thing. The kiddey bounced the swell of the blowen; the lad bullied the gentleman out of the girl. BOUNCER. A large man or woman; also a great lie. BOUNCING CHEAT. A bottle; from the explosion in drawing the cork. CANT. BOUNG. A purse. CANT. BOUNG NIPPER. A cut purse. Formerly purses were worn at the girdle, from whence they were cut. BOOSE, or BOUSE. Drink.

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